How to Organize your Content Calendar

Social Media Marketing (SMM), is not brand new! However, it is in new in the sense of incorporating it into your market strategy. With only 8 working hours in the day, and perhaps limited budgets on hiring a Social Media Manager/Marketer, how on earth do you plan to post content to your website/blog?

This is exactly what this post is about! Offering suggestions and ideas on how to organize your content calendar to be consistent on posting.

If you are new to SMM, not to worry! Great ideas begin with organization. Let's begin!

Analyze your existing Blog and Social Media Images

If you already have a blog, have you reviewed your analytics? Do you know what your audience has enjoyed reading? If you don't know what type of topics are working best for your audience, I suggest you connect your business blog with Google Analytics !

Google Analytics takes a while to comprehend (and we can cover this on another blog post!), so an easy and QUICK way to identify what is working currently, is to to look at the blog posts with most comments received. What did your readers enjoy about that topic or post?

If you do not have a blog for your business, DO NOT WORRY! Creating a content calendar is all about brainstorming topic ideas to share to your page.

Note: Those with a blog can brainstorm topic ideas based on what their audience is viewing/commenting and clicking on the most (thus creating new content based on what's popular). While those without a blog need to completely invent new content and see what your audience is responding to later!

1. Brainstorm

Ideas Photos.jpeg

Write down topics that provide your expertise on your business. I would suggest writing down at least 5 to start with! Literally just jot a few topics down.

For example, if someone owns a hair salon... some topics could be:

  • The best hair products for Frizzy hair  vs  Frizzy Hair Products
  • Hair Styles Trends to try this Summer  vs  Summer Hair Styles
  • Easy Steps to Healthier Hair  vs  Healthier Hair Steps
  • How to do a Professional Blow Out at Home  vs  All about Blow Outs
  • Hair Travel Product Musts Haves  vs  Products for Travel

If you were a customer visiting your blog or website, what would you like to read? What would be enticing for you? Finally, what would you like to see? WRITE IT DOWN!


2. Use Enticing Headliners



The main goal is to be able to convert your viewers into readers. When your headline includes call-to-action terms, they are 30% more likely to click than a headline that is not compelling (source).

Here is a quick list of catchy phrases that can definitely convert your viewers into readers!

  • How to...
  • The Best Solution For...
  • (#) tips for....
  • How to Create....
  • (#) that Will Change your Life ..
  • Step-by-Step Guide To....
  • (#) ideas for ____ everyone should steal...

These are just some easy and quick examples... can you come up with more? Write them out in the comments below!


3. Use a Calendar or Planner


Now that you have the titles and types of content that you want to post, whether it is a social media image on one of your accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) or a blog post, let's take a look at your calendar!

If you are brand new to posting on Social Media or a blog post... My best suggestion is to try to post once a week. It's important to start in baby steps, and it's much better to be consistent for a once a week posting than to go weeks in between without posting. 

Another suggestion, for those that have a blog, is to simultaneously post what you showcase on the blog, and share an image on your social media accounts same-day. For example, if you posted on Wednesday on your business blog, then it's a great idea to also post a shareable image on your social media accounts same-day! 

Look at your calendar and see what day would be best for you?

When to post, is really up to you. For some it's easy to prep a blog post over the weekend and kick start their Monday with a live blog post and shareable image. Or wait until Wednesday to post! or Friday! Whatever fits around your schedule is always good to start with. If you decide to post every wednesday, write down on your calendar the title of your post for the next 4 wednesdays. If you are just posting an image, write down which image you plan to post for the next 4 wednesdays and include a brief caption in bullet points!

Example --->


September 20th

Post Image on Instagram

"5 Simple steps to Fuller Hair"

Yes I know I mentioned hair again! I do hope you get the idea :)


4.) One Step (Month) at a Time

step at a time plan.jpeg


This can be an overwhelming process if you are brand new, so take it a month at a time! I always like to write side goals on my planner, of things I want to feature on my site just to keep in the back burner to work on.


5.) Google Search for Key Words

google search photos.jpeg


This is something I do for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes!

You know when you you start typing out a word on the google search box and a list of searchable items appear? Take a look at those key words! This means, these are the key words people are searching for the most! Use some of these (appropriate) keys words into your headline for blog posts, and use the # hashtag symbol to also include as a "tag" on your blog and social media posts.

Ready to get started!? Download your free easy to use Content Calendar to get started! Print as many as you need as this goes week-by-week! 

Questions or Comments? Send us a message!

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