50 Must Dos to Increase your Social Media Marketing within the 1st Year

Trying to plan out how to increase your online presence can be a bit overwhelming. The scope of online marketing goes deep beyond just a a blog or image post. Being able to tackle different aspects of how to reach your audience throughout the year with social media, is just one way of reaching your audience.

Your organization has purpose, it has meaning and it needs to shared around the globe and not just within your city or state. That is the beauty of Social Media Marketing. It gives you the ability to create a personally, showcase different products, the people behind you serve, the people behind your team and let's your audience connect with you on a more emotional level. 

If you haven't thought about your Social Media Marketing plan, you might want to consider downloading this checklist as a way to remind yourself of the things you need to do to get your online game presence on! 

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50s Must Dos to Increase your Social Media Marketing within the 1st Year

1. Create a Website

2. Develop a Facebook Business Page

3. Develop an Instagram Business account

4. Create a Twitter account

5. Create a Pintrest Business account

6. Create a LinkedIn account

7. Connect all social media accounts to website

8. Install a 'Subscribe' box to your site or 'pop up'

9. Follow companies and people within your industry

10. Build your subscribers email list

11. Share related articles of your niche on accounts

12. Create a blog for your company

13. Consistently post valuable content (at min. once a week)

14. Write a guest post

15. Re-purpose old content to create new advertisement

16. Offer exclusive giveaways or discounts for your followers

17. Pre-plan your posts ahead of time (content calendar)

18. Google topics to see popular content (create similar)

19. Familiarize yourself with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

20. Gather reviews from happy customers

21. Build a Media Kit

22. Email monthly or quarterly newsletters to subscribers

23. Reward or recognize loyal customers or followers

24. Use helpful SEO words on your captions/titles

25. Use good quality, clear photos or graphics on all content

26.Humanize your brand! Share your story

27. Identify your audience

28. Collaborate/network with other businesses

29. Run Instagram /Facebook /Pintrest Ads

30. Join groups on Pintrest

31. Join Facebook groups

32. Join Google + Communities

33. Network in LinkedIn Groups

34. Offer freebies

35. Create your own Facebook group/community

36. Experiment with other social media platforms

(snapchat, periscope, youtube)

37. Collaborate or sponsor an event

38. Connect your site with Google Analytics

39. Track data with Google Analytics

40. Host a Facebook Live event

41. Host an Instagram Live event

42. Use Instagram's Instastories to advertise

43. Use Facebook Stories to advertise

44. Research helpful hashtags for your content/product

45. Set up Mail Chimp for newsletters & campaigns

46. Offer an affiliate program

47. Show behind the scenes footage or video of products

48. Engage with comments from customers

49. Give back to a cause or your local community with proceeds

50. Research & consider Google AdWords


Which ones are you going to focus on?  

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