Social Media Key Considerations

Social Media Key Considerations

You have heard this before, “create a social media marketing plan”. Do you have one for your organization? Today’s blog post highlights all the areas to take into consideration as you go about your Social Media journey. I know we have posted several times about developing a social media plan, so we hope that these tips bring to life the reasons why we emphasize it so much.

One of the biggest mistakes that a brand or organization can make is to jump into Social Media Marketing with no real clue on what they are going to do with it. This is the main reason why Social Creatives Network exist! Developing a SMM plan is going to help steer you in the right direction as it relates to your mission and vision.


Use the SMART Technique

SMART Technique Photo.jpg

Another tool that i’m sure you have heard. Incase you haven’t, we explain the rundown here on how you can use the SMART technique as you create goals for your social media planning approach.

Decide which social media is good for you

Social Media

Our best advice is to focus on 1-2 social media platforms to excel at. It’s better to excel on a few networks rather than trying to manage multiple accounts. Take a moment to think about which social networks your audience responds best with. You can experiment with a few and then track your progress using referring back to your SMART technique or by using the analytics/data gathered from those platforms.


Plan ahead with a social media content Calendar

Content Calendar Planning

Consistency is what is going to help you grow your following and your audience's trust. Plan out a few weeks ahead to a month in order to map out strategy. Check out our blog post about how to organize a content calendar here! 

Fact: not posting consistently appears as business is not doing well


Humanize your brand

Humanize your brand

Connecting with your audience on an emotional level is SO important. Social media is used to connect with other people. Be transparent so that your audience is able to see the real side of your organization. Establish your authentic voice as you would communicate with a client in person.

Note: Do not share things that are too personal such as love, internal life issues, or business issues.


Repurpose old content

Repurpose old content

Reusing old photos to create a new image post or for a blog post is always a great idea! This is especially good if you are low on resources.


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